What is best in life? Well – to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women – of course! And after that: Crom. And after that: music. You know, that fickle thing with multiple personalities. Which is it today? A rejuvenating balm of the soul? A paper cut inside your brain? A tedious life-sucking bore? Rest assured, I’ll let you know.

Gospel of Crom chronicles anything and everything that gets passed down unto the foul brain of Myrkrarfar, the omnipotent – or at least potent – First Apostle of Crom. The frowning, shunning deity most often speaks of music in varying shapes and forms, with no regularity whatsoever regarding scheduling, post length, genre, or anything else for that matter. The fucker. I guess we’ll take it.

With decades of experience in the world of music, both as a consumer, performer and educator, Myrkrarfar still finds immense pleasure in finding new bands/albums/songs/artists/goats to worship. Thou shalt have no other gods before me? That’s cute. Myrk-a-byrk swears by the five B’s – Bach, Beethoven, Beatles, Black Sabbath and Bathory – and so should you. Now go make me a sandwich.


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